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Air Source Heat Pump

“Stiebel Eltron Heat pump, Valliant cylinder, UFH install. Very knowledgeable (and geeky, in a good way) team. Up front heat loss survey very thorough. System running for two months and both heating and hot water COPs above estimates, averaging high 3s but some 24 periods mid to high 4s. Challenging install due to older house and during other reno works, team member Ryan especially worked hard on resolving any issues that inevitably came up. Converted under stairs broom cupboard to 'plant' room, all cabling and pipe work very neat.“


Air Source Heat Pump - 14/02/2024

"Renewable Heat Installation and Servicing Limited are very knowledgeable in the field of heat pumps. They provided an extremely prompt service and surveyed the property accurately. Their specifications have proved to be exactly right for efficient heating of the space[s]. The installation team were very pleasant and helpful and worked hard through some challenging weather conditions. My only small criticism is in the detailing and finishing of some ancillary aspects (woodwork and cable runs) plumbing/heating engineering and setup of controls are excellent. I believe Renewable Heat Installation and Servicing Limited provided value for money. There proved to be more work involved in the installation than I had anticipated. They have been contactable and responsive throughout and I suspect I will be setting up a service contract with them."

John Laing

Air Source Heat Pump

"The Renewable Heat team recently installed UFH and an ASHP in our bungalow. From the outset Barry has been knowledgeable and patient while we navigated the HES schemes. Concerns about the time delay between the invoice arriving and receiving the loan/grants was reassuringly dealt with. As novices, we took on preparing the sub floors for the UFH and screed ourselves, but Chris offered support and advice when required. Ryan led the ASHP install team who were diligent to the fact that we were living on site and did their best to keep mess to a minimum. The tidy intricate pipework was a piece of art in itself - quite literally and they kept to the install timeline of one week. The ASHP is easy to use now that we’ve had it a while. However, system handover could be smoother and more informative as it does require a mindset change. The team could share some useful product ‘You Tube’ videos. Overall we’re delighted with Renewable Heat’s service and would highly recommend them."

Mrs Carlin

Air Source Heat Pump

"Very happy with our heat pump, water tank and new radiators, with system design and installation by Renewable Heat. They're courteous, attentive and reassuringly geeky! By mutual agreement, we were their first customers to get a Samsung heat pump with Homely controls and EmonHP monitoring system, and now we're all learning together how best to run this set up: it's not quite at optimum efficiency yet but Richie and co are actively working on it. Meanwhile we're plenty warm and cosy, and Octopus just lowered our monthly payments so it's definitely going in the right direction."

Kat & Iain

Air Source Heat Pump

"Would thoroughly recommend. Process before installation was excellent. Installation was smooth. Aftercare has been responsive. End result : really pleased! Great people to work with."


Ground/Water source Heat Pump

"I consider Heat Renewables to be an excellent company for advice, work and service. I have no hesitation in recommending them. Thank you."


On your call we will discuss:

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  • Are you interested in an air source or ground source heat pump?

Questions we can answer:

  • Is an air source or ground source heat pump right for my home?
  • Will it be able to heat my whole home?
  • How long does it take to fit?
  • What impact will it have on our home while it is being fitted?
  • Can I get a loan to finance my heat pump?
  • How do I get RHI payments?

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